5555 Jadu Hoverboards will be minting for 0.222 ETH on 12/12/21. Recognizing that this is a significant price for a collection of this size, I wanted to write this explanation to our community.

By Asad J. Malik (AJM)


You are not purchasing one of 10k cartoon animals that a generative algorithm blurted out for a Discord server. You are purchasing an item that represents and embodies the cutting edge of AR technology and game play built by one of the most experienced teams in the industry. A growing team of highly skilled artists, engineers & designers will be waking up every morning thinking about how to take these Hoverboards to the next level for years to come.

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This is not our first rodeo. Jetpacks sold out in 20 seconds and maintained a 20x from initial mint even during the bear market. Even more importantly, just in two months we used the momentum from Jetpacks to raise a round of financing, hire incredible people from Activision/Sony etc and prepare a second more ambitious drop all while regularly communicating with and nurtuting the community. We are just getting started.

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It’s important to keep in mind that not all 5555 Hoverboards are being sold. 20% of them are for Jetpack holders, 5% are being kept for vault and 5% for partnerships. On top of this, Jadu will be paying gas fees for all airdrops. This is not an insignificant amount. What this means is that by minting Hoverboards new members of the community will be able to benefit only after they have paid homage to existing holders by helping subsidize Hoverboards for them and have helped Jadu with access to more funds for building.


If Jadu has raised venture financing, why do they need money from primary sale? If we are to truly build the AR platform of the future built on Web 3 principles, we are up against a dozen Billion dollar tech behemoths. The difference between .2 ETH mint vs .222 ETH mint is two more engineers we can hire. We are confident that our team is on the ground floor of something great and our holders are positioned to share in the success. The future of how the Metaverse interfaces with the physical world is on us.


We recognize that .222 E is $900 which is a big amount in most of the world. We wanted to announce this now so if you’re going to participate you have time to gather resources. We will continue to offer giveaways etc to make sure there are some avenues for community members who simply cannot afford this. A big part of our work going into next year would be to ensure the world scale game has some lower entry price points to allow for more people to participate.