Web3 comes to life
on planet Earth

The Jadu Mirrorverse is an Augmented Reality game-world¹ built around virtual items² owned by its community³ of players.


Built from the ground up for Next-Gen AR, Jadu AVAs will be the most technically & creatively ambitious Avatars in Web3.



Designed to allow your avatar to fly in AR, Jetpacks were a rare instance of an NFT game object showcasing true interoperability and permissionlessness. Today this simple 3D Jetpack represents the cutting edge of AR and Web3. It provides its holders a front row seat to the making of the Mirrorverse.



Our sophomore collection took things to the next level with Jadu's AR features showcased for presale allocations, unboxings and gameplay. This is a richly varied collection including collaborations with Grimes, Lewis Hamilton, Snoop Dogg, Trippy & Mimi. It serves as a perfect entry key to Mirrorverse.

A community where imagination thrives

We organise around the principles of intellectual curiosity, aesthetic discovery & communal belonging. In the chaos of Web3 we have each other's back.

Now Hiring

Come work at the bleeding edge
of Web3 & Augmented Reality.